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Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG is a W3C standardized, open source, text based, XML name-space. It is also a part of HTML5.   Though these svg test pages just use SVG and SMIL (with HTML and JavaScript) and so they are not really HTML5.

Back in 2000 and 2001 when SVG was just nearing it's 1.0 capabilities I created an Experimental SVG Site which, at the time, would only run in Internet Explorer with the Adobe SVG Viewer.  That version is fortunately still running in IE8 if you install the, now discontinued and unsupported, Adobe SVG Viewer 3  which does a great job rendering the graphics as well as plays audio files. None of the new implementations handle HTML5 audio well.

Sadly, this standard has taken 15+ years to be anywhere near reasonably well implemented in browsers and is still poorly implemented in most. The Chrome and Firefox browsers are the most compatible, and Opera does okay, though with some errors and they only have some features working.

I have fixed and updated my old "test site" to be compatible with the newer implementations, changing the color scheme and adding more elements and animation.   I'm still working on trying to re-implement some pieces of the site.

New version for
Google Chrome and Firefox
(also partially works, Opera, etc.)

Burning Pixel Productions' experimental SVG Site

>>   View site   <<

SVG Kaleidoscope

Original version for
IE with Old Adobe Viewer
Install the Adobe SVG plug-in

Burning Pixel Productions' experimental SVG Site

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Interactive SVG Key Spline Tool

- SVG Kaleidoscope -

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Here's a scripting experiment I did with Adobe Flash a while back, before Flash was shunned so severely.
It's a snow system I spent some time on to give it a bit of life with noise, 'lighting', and depth of field.
Check the test here... (Flash is not available on the iPhone.)

Flash snow window

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