Burning Pixel Productions
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Max Ghost render

Welcome to Burning Pixel Productions!
Graphics, animation and multimedia production for the digital world.
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Film effects work I worked on at The Orphanage
Visual FX for "The Day After Tomorrow", "Sin City", "Shark Boy and Lava Girl", and "Superman Returns".

Gallery - Computer images and animation I've created since about 1992.

Photography - Photographs taken since about 2004, some 3Dstereo pictures.

3Dstereo Graphics .- 3D stereo computer graphics (view with red/cyan or red/blue glasses)

Animation page - old animations.

3D Studio Max - The product I use for most of my work.
This section (quite a few years old now) has a freeware Stereo image generating plug-in script for R3+ and few "mini-tutorials" for Max users.

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Some Music here.

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Web Tech

Vector Graphics:  I had done some experiments with "Scalable Vector Graphics" a
couple decades ago, and have an entire "sub-website" built with it. 

After spending some time with VML in 1999, I started experimenting with the
new SVG abilities for the internet (Scalable Vector Graphics).
put out and then stopped development on an SVG browser plug-in, but browsers have now
started to implemented the technology and can now display an updated version of my old test site.

 If you want to take a look at it, then click here for my SVG site.

Here are some various interesting web Links.

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