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These 3dsMax pages and Tutorials are many years old now, but the Stereo rendering script I wrote for
Max has been updated and will work with Max thru version 9.  I might get a round to updating the tutorials section at some point...

Max-site webmasters : Please do not link into these tutorials directly.
If you would like to link to this site, please link to the root directory ( or this front page (/Max/index.htm).
Please do not re-distribute or re-print these tutorials. Thank you.

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by Ron Lussier and Larry Minton

Stereographer Max is a stereo rendering tool for Max 3 and up.
I'm quite proud of this program and it's design.
Though if you are doing professional 3D you would want to rig cameras and composite your work by hand.

Download Stereographer Max for Max 4 and up here or Learn more...


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-  Landscape Tutorial  -

This is a tutorial on creating landscapes with Max's standard features.
I researched techniques like this for a few months back in 1998.

resulting landscape from the tutorial

Landscape Tutorial

-  Mini-Tutorials  -

These are very old tutorials I had started writing, but never quite finished.
I have been using these techniques since 3D Studio Max R1, so they should work in any version of Max.

(These 'Mini-Tutorials' were still in progress, but are complete enough to be useful)

Mini-Tut #1

Expressions: Basic math expression for wheel rotation

view MT1 on-line

Mini-Tut #2

Primitives: An easy eye iris and simple shockwave effects

view MT2 on-line

Mini-Tut #3

Modifiers: Rolling up or unrolling a carpet using bend

view MT3 on-line

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Landscapes - FX

Lighting - IK



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