Copyright info

Restrictions on using artwork and animation.

Copyright on the original "Dancing Baby" animation is a bit complex. The most popular version on the internet is my derivative work of Unreal Picture's choreography and Viewpoint Datalabs' toddler model #VP5653. 

The rendered images (or animation) of these characters may not be used for commercial purposes, and may not be sold or re-sold in any form without written permission. They are for the private use only.  Only stills of the dancing baby may be displayed on a private, non-commercial web page and there must be a link to "burningpixel.com" or "dancing-baby.net" directly beside the first image on any page. All images, still frames and variations from any original demo files are ©1996-2000 Burning Pixel Productions®.

    Please do not create advertisements (screen savers) using my artwork, thank you. (There is a great anonymous screen saver available now!). Thank you.

    Linking to the site

    Please do not link directly to any of my image or animation files. If you want people to see the works here, thank you, you're welcome to send them here, but please link to the front page (with or without the link image).

    To the dancing-baby.net please use this link image...

    It seems few people on the web know or care about copyright law?

    Copyright is automatic when a work is completed and does not need to be claimed. Copyrights include the right to alter a work! That means reformatting, cropping, using, or otherwise modifying some else's work without written permission is illegal! (Technically, that includes putting pre-recorded music to animation/graphics - the music is copyrighted too.)

    Granted, the original net-baby (below center) has become a "loose property" (not a legal definition!!), by way of being many peoples work, and because it was a great promotional phenomenon.

Many of the still images (and some animation files) of the baby you see on the internet are mine. Here is a sampling of the images that have been "borrowed" from me and my site. All images are copyright 1996-2000 Burning Pixel Productions (the baby itself is a derivative work).

Baby Noir Original Baby Baby Dance 2 still


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